I'd hardly say I agree with argv0s conclusions or style all the time. We rather had - and will have - arguments here and there. (You'll be well aware of this if I you really read *all* the topics.)
But folks there's no reason to get personal, in any way. Some of the recent posts simply are past it.
Maybe argv0 takes an opinion for "universally valid" at times, maybe his posts appear (or are) rough at times. But there's *always* reasoning in them, and he dedicated plenty of hours to that voluntary support these very boards live on (again, every long-time user of these forums is well aware of this). He also can neither speed progress up nor "slow it down" (...none of us can).
Moreover, behold the absurdity that you're posting in this old thread because the OP of a similar feature suggestion recently added to it - after I asked him to join an existing thread to keep arguments about the feature suggestion together... *sigh*