I agree with you that MSword is a slow starter, but that doesnt stop it from being an alternative.


alias speltright {
if (!$com(spellcheck)) { comopen spellcheck Word.Application }
if (!$comerr) {
var %b = $com(spellcheck,CheckSpelling,3,bstr,$1-)
var %c = $com(spellcheck).result
return $iif(%c,* Correct Spelling,* Incorrect Spelling)

alias closespell { .comclose spellcheck }

//echo - $speltright(Your Text)

Granted, yes, it keeps MSword open in the background for the duration but it works, and after the word is open, it works pretty much instantly and closespell could be called On Exit.

Adding a little, GetSpellingSuggestions call would also get you alternatives to your mistakes.