*sits down*

codemaster, you know your cute when your mad?

visual styles: I'm not altogether sure, but when Khaled stopped using Borland compilable C++ and swtiched to his current compiler, wouldn't that have possibly added alot of XP related GUI code, which was 'improved' by microsoft? In otherwords the gui wouldn't look exactly the same? Hell i'm jsut taking a stab in the dark, having very little win32GUI programming knowledge.

Patches: I'd like to see a patch style system, but perhaps that would need to be a X number of bugfixes per patch - windows update hassles me for 50 new downloads every day it seems, giving me the impression that my current product(s) are broken as all hell... oh wait... windows... right.. nevermind...

codemaster: I think that your like me, having too much free time to spend on forums - 'i'll just check my email' which took me two hours one day frown

As for the missing of bugs in testing I think its understandable if I remember an faq entry correctly - about elements of mirc (ie scripting) being developed organically.
While I'm sure there's some degree of preplanning there's a limit to what a small team can do and keep track of - I myself have written many a program intending to do things entirely a certain way and woken up the next day, written the next element, and found I've just got two conflicting coding... dialects i suppose...

The rest of the posts: SMUH, I got broed after the first page. Nice graph work. The missing posts, probably all deleted ones :P