*rolls eyes*

I upgraded to v6.1 and will be upgrading to 6.11 too when I get back to my Windows PC. I don't see why people can't be happy that the text gets to the other person - isn't that what it's all about in the end? Grips, $ bugs and all that other bunkem, I really, truly couldn't care less about - and I wouldn't blame Khaled or Krejt for not caring about it either heh.

Sure, I can't lie and say I think 6.11 is perfect, because it's not - but what is? (apart from codemastr, of course *wink*). I mean, the whole moving the Options popup to the "Tools" menu, and moving the Perform section...*shrugs* - It just takes time to get used to. 2-3 years down the line, everyone will be so used to doing that they'll not want him to change it back!

I wish codemastr the best of luck in his future IRC life, with his client that will be cared for by the author. I'm sure that will make ALL the difference. :tongue:

Happy chatting!