Well I assume you won't be replying to this what with the melodramatic *exit* and all but still... you're complaining that Khaled didn't fix all the things that we (read: you) wanted fixed, instead he only fixed some bugs and added a few new things. So if so little has been fixed or changed in 6.11 how can you claim that it's worse than 6.1? Even if you still don't like it, the fact that 50-odd bugs have been fixed is surely a step in the right direction? The way that you're so quick with the stupid proclamations of *worst version ever* etc. just goes to show that you're just looking for something to whine about and the constant claims of *moderator brutality* got old after the first post, and got just plain monotonous after the 11th or so. Why keep on about it? It's a freaking messageboard.

GUI grips. *gasp*
Other non-descript additions to 6.1 not removed. The horror!

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.