No need to appologize, I wasn't offended by it in anyway, my posts on this thread wheren't exactly "friendly" therefore I wouldn't expect everyone to reply in a friendly manner. But I would like to point out, that already a few new bugs were found in 6.11, and bugs that were said to be fixed still aren't, and old bugs still exist. Also, the only reason I brought up features was because Krejt did. Read his post announcing the release, "Several new features and functions have been implemented" I don't see "several" new functions and features. I see 5 new features. The language selection in MS agents, the password@ in irc:// links, nick-list-hiding, $sorttok 'a' option, /echo -c. Krejt also says that selecting multiple channels from the favorites folder is a "feature" however I consider this a bugfix since pre 6.1 you could do this, then it was removed in 6.1. My point is though, would you consider 5 to be "several"? 64 changes, 5 new features, that doesn't seem like "several" to me. Then on the mainpage (which I assume is also done by Krejt) "With this new release we hope to address most the comments, requests and remarks we received after the release of version 6.1" With the exception of 2 of those 5 new features, it seems all the "comments, requests and remarks" that were addressed were bugfixes, although there were a great deal of comments, requests, and remarks that were for feature suggestions that were ignored. My whole point of bringing up the lack of new features was because according to Krejt, there are a bunch of new features, and it certainly doesn't look that way to me.