Answering your subject, no, it's not, it currently can't be (less than 1 day to judge the entire release?), regardless of what you say. Go hunt a reasonable number of annoying bugs, find them and then mIRC 6.11 could have a chance to be worse than 6.1.

To me, this is more a freaking bugfix release than anything. Right, it didn't fix all the bugs yet. For example, I still can't use 16+ colours, they're still all the same as the earlier 99. Well I guess I'll abandon mIRC because Khaled doesn't care about me anymore? Argh, come on.
"OMG, the lack of options is still there, Khaled doesn't care about us!!!!"? "Oh the gripes!!!!"? "Oh the button!!!!"? After a lot of fixes, which you probably didn't even test yet, you're just filtering what's not there (yet?) that you insanely bring up as major flaws. Reading your rants, it seems to me you're just looking for them.

New features? Yeah, like we should expect anything completely new after such a bugged version that was 6.1 (LOL, a "better" 6.1, btw.. sorry, this is laughable).

Good luck with a new client.

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