Well I'd just like to say thanks to Khaled and Krejt for getting the new bugfix version out at all. With all the negative crap following the last release I'm surprised they didn't lose the will altogether. As far as I'm concerned, this latest bugfix release shows me that they do indeed read the forums and take notice of what's being said. So I for one would like to show a bit of appreciation for all the work that's gone into it. Sure, it's disappointing that when a new release comes out what *you* want fixed/added isn't done, but hell - you can't please all of the people all of the time, and to be honest it's the same people whining about this latest bugfix that whined about v6.1 (i.e 2 people). If you're pushed for time, why don't you join forces and make your own client? Kumbayah...

P.S. This reply wasn't aimed at you, Raccoon, I just *gasp* hit the reply button. laugh

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