So if so little has been fixed or changed in 6.11 how can you claim that it's worse than 6.1?

Why? It took a month and a half to produce another buggy, lacking version. Yeah, 6.1 took a year, but at least it had some new stuff in it. This took over a month, and still not everything is fixed. Even things that have been "fixed" are just broken differently now. For example the /fwrite -n was "fixed" to report the "correct" value. In 6.1, it always returned 2. In 6.11, it now returns actual_value-2. A simple test should have shown "hmm I'm writing 4 bytes, and it says it wrote 2... perhaps something is wrong here." To me that shows either a.) lack of testing or b.) lack of caring. Then we move on to /hdec. In 6.1, the function of /hdec was changed so that if the variable doesn't exist it initializes to -1 (just like dec) [btw this was something requested by users]. Now in 6.11 it was changed back to initializing to 1 claiming it is a "bug fix." Well then why was it added in the first place? It wasn't added accidentily, it was added because someone asked for it to work like that, and it specifically says that's the new functioning in the 6.1 versions.txt. Again, simple testing would have shown that the problem was actually not fixed. Then in versions.txt I see "17.Fixed Control+KN color bug when N was larger than 15." could be just me, but any number > 15 that I enter still results in black, not the actual color like it did in pre 6.1. Additionally the same oddities that it had in 6.1 are still in 6.11, ex. type /echo 31 test (it prints test in white), type /echo ctrl+k31 test (it prints test in black). Shouldn't color code 31 be the same in both cases? And again, in 6.03 it would have displayed in light gray. Again, simple testing would have shown the problem was actually not fixed. Those are just some examples, I'm sure as time goes on more problems will be found. This goes back to, as Tjerk liked to put it my "ranting" and "demanding" about knowing about the beta testing process. Shouldn't someone have realized "it says A is fixed, yet A is not fixed, either 1.) actually fix it or 2.) don't lie and say it is fixed when it isn't." If I managed to find that all those bugs still exist after playing with 6.11 for less than 30minutes, how come the beta testers couldn't find them in the month and a half since 6.1 was released? It doesn't seem like there is a problem there to you?

you're complaining that Khaled didn't fix all the things that we (read: you) wanted fixed, instead he only fixed some bugs and added a few new things.

Bugs that I wanted fixed? Half of them I didn't even report:
-Received files folder toolbar icon doesn't update if you change the received folder via alt+o, drop down menu will still say $mirddir\sounds
-"grayed text" was renamed "gray text" breaking all MTS themes
-ctrl+break and ctrl+scrollock don't work correctly under WinXP
-Pressing f in a window that has no editbox no longer triggers the find dialog
- Received files folder toolbar icon doesn't update if you change the received folder (for sounds) via alt+o, drop down menu will still say $mirddir\sounds
-$decompress can crash mIRC and/or the entire PC
-$dll(file.dll,function,) no longer works

I didn't report any of those. While yes, I do want them fixed (just as I'd want any bugs fixed in any program), I'm sure other people want them fixed as well, or else the people who reported those bugs wouldn't have bothered reporting them, would they?

As for leaving, I am reconsidering leaving the forums. This has nothing to do with me, it's for the simple fact that I've received a few PMs now from people who actually value what I have to say and have asked me not to leave.