Whilst it cannot be denied that codemastr does have the ability to be intelligent, because he has come up with some strong arguments in completely unrelated threads, you, _D3mon_, and codemastr are both, quite simply, whining about nothing.

In fact, this entire thread seems to just be a repeat of the whole "6.1" thing and it's simply tedious. The moderators will simply see this as lame posts going nowhere, especially as that kiddo had to swear in his last post for some reason.

And also, it's not just about you. *I* don't want this, this bugfix doesn't affect *me*, *I* wouldn't be affected by this bug, *I* asked for this to be added, *I* want this, *I* don't want that, *me* *me* *me* *me* *ME!* O.o
There will be however, hundreds of thousands of users who DO upgrade to mIRC v6.11 because the bugfixes *do* help them, and they will actually LIKE the added features. And this has been passed off as a bugfix version far too hastily. Just because it's called v6.11 and not v6.2 doesn't mean it's just some lame version - new features have been added after all.

To be honest, I can understand why the Moderators/Admins may take a dim view of this thread, it does simply look like childish, out-of-control bickering about absolutely pointless things.

Just don't be so selfish, and instead of whining, stay with the version you like the best, or use another IRC client. If there is nothing better for Windows, stop the whinging and get on with it smile - Now THERE'S an idea!