You keep bitching that Khaled should put out *immediate* bug fixes addressing security issues... and when he does this, you complain that he didn't address EVERY bug no matter how minor.

First off "I keep bitching that" I've been on these forums for about 2 years now and ONE TIME I've said that Khaled should post security fixes faster. As you're so proud of pointing out, I have about 3000 posts, and ONE that says he should post security releases. Wow! 0.0003% of my posts are about this issue, yup it definately seems like that is the single most common thing I talk about here.

Then, (dictionary.com:immediate) "Occurring at once; instant: gave me an immediate response. "
Do you see any mention of "bug report, delete claims of bug, wait 2 weeks, then release fix"? That's not how I read that definition. I read it as, "someone posts bug report, Khaled posts reply within an hour saying 'yes it exists, I'll have the fix by the end of the day'"

Make up your mind.

Get your facts straight!

Did you want Khaled to put out a fast fix for the USERHOST overflow?

When MS finds a security hole in Windows do they say "Ok guess that means we have to release Win2004 today." NO, they say "time to release a patch." Why couldn't he have done like 99% of software manufacturers and released a little patch that would have fixed that one problem? I don't see how fixing a single bug implies a new version must be released. And Khaled must not either since he's released a patch for mIRC before to fix a single bug (versions.txt):
13/09/95 - released mIRC v3.64 patch

1.Fixes the *1-3 type bug.

Again, get your damn facts straight before you start yelling at me.