Dude there have been a lot of negative things said here too. In that last post you at least came as close as anyone ever has to just giving a straight out technical answer. (Although I'm sure I can live without the explicit detail. Just the bottom line is good enough for me).

As for digression; cripes it wasn't me who started all this BS. I don't know what half the people here were ranting on about. God, politics, the DCMA, the possiblity of the existance of life on other planets - I mean none of that had any relevance to the suggestion I made.

Ayway, if you can't figure out the relationship between dissent and how effective dissent may sometimes require you to break the law, I won't try to explain it to you. Maybe if you think about it a little you might eventually work it out.

But as you said, that is all pretty much irrelevant. You don't like the idea. Fair enough, I don't really care. There isn't much point carrying on this 'debate' from what I can see anyway (even though you picked it up again, some time after I had just about forgotten it). This whole thing genuinely isn't very important to me. In this last year I think I may have used MIRC about 4 times - and on each occasion for no more than an hour or so. I'm not a big fan of IRC, nor am I a big fan of a lot of the people I have met there. They are not on the whole the friendliest group of people you could ever hope to encounter. It was just a suggestion. One that might encourage me to use IRC more. But overall it's not something I'm desperate to see. Now if you want to keep arguning about it feel free. But I don't think it will achieve anything.

It's your call.

Anyway later... (Then again, hopefully never...)