seems they are messing with something, thats for sure, mine seemed to work randomly, for various ammounts of time ranging from 6 hours, to 2 minutes over the last 5-6 thing to note, if a DCC is allready in progress, and then it stops working, it doesnt appear to stop the send, only the subsequent sends fail.

In my research on it, it seems as soon as the "client" trys to send me a file, it blocks me, not just me, but also that irc server, not quite sure on how DCC transfers work, but this is what happens most of the time.

I request a file, lets say for example an update for my xbox dashboard, i type :

/msg blabla xdcc send #x

now, what happens here, i would imagine is :

server gets the message, and forwards it to the blabla (name) who then sends me a message back (possibly via the server?)

which says "sending you file #x please accept the file"

as soon as i recieve the above message, i get disconnected from the server instantly (which means the file transfer doesnt get chance to start) sometimes before i even get this message.

so.....all i can think of is, BT appears to start blocking after the server sends me the start packet, or however it works. now, if im correct... once a DCC transfer starts, its sent on the specified port of the sender, to a random port your on PC, which means BT is blocking something before that...

anyway, what i would like to know from some IRC buff (i dont really know the tech side)

when a DCC is started, what happens? is it how i said?

user #1 messages the server who messages user #2

but what happens here?

does user #2 send a message to the server once he recieves the message, or does he send it directly to me? what i was thinking was, he sends it to the server, and the server does something, which leads to BT blocking it.

any info would be great, as if they phone me and say they cant find the problem, i can possibly give them some more info.

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