Well when I telephoned the Steve Rxxx, in Shrewsbury (BT Wholesale), who were responsible for the ip ranges i was connecting to according to RIPE database. I received his assurance, that it was BT Retail!, now it appears to be Wholesale - Doh.

My favourites on my telephone have changed to include the 0845 xxx 7020 Business support. Let's hope they have all been informed about the error, because as late as yesterday afternoon (30th), they still did not know about it.

As it has now been a week without "service" let's all put in a claim for a weeks rebate on rental

While I am sure we all understand there is no magic button to rectify the situation, there should surely diagnostics to see a) why has it taken a week to admit to a fault inspite of numerous telephone calls to BT, even giving this forum as reference in many cases b) should we as users have to pay for the phone call to inform BT they have a problem c) the MSF (Major Service Failure) not yet noted on the Status on btbroadband website.

Annoying innit