After hearing all of your whining

whaaa whaaaa whaaaaa LOL you of course do understand that if no one whined the error would never get repaired, and since the error has been recognised as being at BT whinning becomes justified complaints. If someone dents your car are you whining when you want them to fix it?

Since the error is now been recognised as on BTs end, are they informing all customers of this who ring, and have rung and been miss informed that its not BT ?
Id hazzard a guess thats a big fat NO!.

My comments for redirecting to "english native speaker" were in general, I have never experenced any support services that can not provide such. BT by the looks even sees the need for it, by your own statments has based its commerical tech support in britain with at least some of the reasoning for that being the knowledge of the difficulties in using second language
speakers as the support staff.

As to me personally I dont mind who im talking to as long as they understand me and i can understand them, and they know somewhat about what there ment to be supporting.

As to a patch, for most i would say wait it out BT well fix it, if u cant then use a SSL connection, I have since my last post gotten a person conencted on SSL and hes sending and dccing fine, looks like the ISP cant see his DCC init messages so no disconnect.