I understand from your e-mail that you are facing issues with your iRC client. I also infer that you are unable to use the dcc functions. I further infer that you have not changed any settings in your computer. I understand your concern.

Please note that we deal with issues related to broadband only. This issue seems to be related to your computer. Hence, I request you to contact the computer vendor for further assistance.

You really have to admire them for there responce, they read what you say, likely pasting it back changing things from "i have this problem" to "you have this problem"

They then make a completely lame statment like suggesting its not there problem, and you should contact someone else who it really really isnt related to them.

Keep the email, and refuse to pay your bill, stating that the helpdesk support supplied as part of your service was being deliberitly missleading and had the intention to attempt to cost you money by suggesting you contact your pc vendor for support on a matter unrealted to them.

Actually dont bother about it, just send BT a cancellation Email, stating due to service failure of BT you are terminating service and going with a reliable company, and you well be telling everyone you ever meet what a load of dirt bags they are for lying to you, and thank you have a nice day. smile