Well if it started with your new router and new installationj
of mIRC then I would say your problem most likely lies there.

Go to mirc options (alt+o) > connect > options > advanced button
default port range is 1024-5000 but that's way too many so narrow
that down to like 20 ports first 1031 - last 1050 .. select dcc ..
deselect other .. select use random ports or randomize ports ..
deselect bind sockets to ip then forward those same ports in your
router settings and allow those same ports to pass through your firewall.

If for some reason you cannot forward these ports in your router or allow
these ports to pass through your firewall .. if you're using mIRC v6.17 or
later, you can use the new Passive DCC feature by typing /dcc passive on
this will put the burden of open ports on the downloader until you
can fix your port issue.

Also, while connected to a server, type /localinfo -u to force mIRC
to get your correct WAN IP and host from the IRC server.

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