Riamus. I am not talking to you as a technical support agent. More so as a fellow IRC user who happens to be a BT tech support agent. I like to think that I can post on message boards and offer advice without going through all of the formalities that my job entails.

Obviously the BT tech guys are going to try to help as much as they can. If they try forwarding the ports on the router, they are under the wrong impression. They are still trying to help you though.

All I was trying to say with my previous post is that BT recognise the problem as a major fault, hopefully saving you all from calling us up to ultimately hear the exact same thing.

Basically, all we can do on tech support is REFER the fault. We can't personally go to the server and repair it. I understand that it's more than frustrating and inconvenient, and our Wholesale engineers are working to repair it.

Don't shoot the messenger.