The /help Key Combinations
page can be fleshed out with missing hotkeys. I looked to see if the ctrl+shift+del window mentioned by eahms was there, and found it wasn't the only thing missing

alt+A / alt+J / alt+D for favorites and/or aliases
alt+B addressbook
alt+C chat
alt+E server-connect window
alt+I online timer
alt+K colors
alt+L channel list
alt+N Notify list
alt+O options menu
alt+P popups
alt+R script editor
alt+S dcc send
alt+U toggle Urls

Some navigation keys are missing or incomplete.
For Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End the description reads as if it applies only to the editbox, but is in a section outside of "Editbox keys". And then a lot of editbox and script editor navigation keys are missing, such as Ctrl+Backspace, Shift+Home/End, shift+leftclick, Ctrl+Left/Right Arrows, etc

I'm used to seeing these described as arrow, so took me a little bit to figure out what 'cursor' meant here, since that usually means the position where the cursor is blinking. Likewise figuring out that 'copy' in several places means 'holding the left mouse button down'

For the items explained in other pages, can simply have a hyperlink instead of repeating the description