There are some /commands and $identifiers that have no cataloging, neither in help nor in versions.txt

I really do not know why, but some reason exists.

Example: /bdup

Another example refers to this topic
Before I even asked, there was support for the "-a" switch, if I remember correctly, since version 7.42. However, the "-a" switch was only officially cataloged in version 7.48

versions.txt 7.48:

"32.Added -a switch to all binary variable commands that makes them not apply UTF-8 encoding to characters in the range 0-255, as long as the line contains no characters > 255."

The interesting thing would be to catalog everyone in the official mirc help file, but we have the wikichip where users can do it.

I will assist today with the identifier: $regerrstr
Note: I have no idea what it is for. However, by name, it seems to have something to do with regex.

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