While making this answer to a question

I noticed that labels in popups aren't behaving the same way as the command following the semi-colon.

When more than 1 nick is highlighted, the command following the semi-colon sees $2 $3 etc get filled in, but they are not filled as seen by the menu label. While it is true that the /help doesn't mention anything beyond $1, the default popups menu does contain them and the command here does use them:

.Op:/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3

... and users could see unexpected behavior if they assume that $2 behaves the same way across the entire label if you have the following lines in the nicklist popup menu:

Label (0) $0 (1-) $1- parms $parms (2) $2 : echo -a (0) $0 (1-) $1- parms $parms (2) $2
.Give Op to $1-3:/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3

In the label, the $0 is always 1 when $2- is filled due to more than 1 nick selected, $parms is always ignoring the presence of $2- nicks, and $2- $2 $3 etc are always blank. This can result in a menu command targeting a different group of nicks than indicated by the label, ie giving ops to 3 nicks even though the label says only 1 nick.

Whether $2- should become part of the menu label, or the /help should be updated to indicate that $2- are valid in the :/command portion, I dunno.