Hey People,

First off i would like to thank all people who build mIRC. I have tried many other IRC clients but every time i went back to the good old mIRC. Chappeau!

I would like to have some kind of image support in mIRC. (No, i don't mean the theme support.) Image support in a way like Trillian or MSN Messenger (last one doesn't support IRC, i know). This clients give you the option to use graphical smilies instead of the standard raw-text codes like : ) or : (.

I know there are a lot of people out of here who are about to kill me know but i like the graphical smilies over the text ones. If only mIRC scripting support images in the 'conversion-window' we are far less from home i guess. In this way nobody has to use them, everybody can decide on her/his own if he want to have text or image based smilies.

This is really the only thing i miss in mIRC, i planned using Trillian for only this option but after a few hours i switched back to mIRC because of it scripting language and customizeabilities.

I hope you people won't blame me too much... as i said before it would only like to see mIRC supporting it, not to let you use it.

Thanks for reading! Hope someone could tell me more smile

PS: excuse my bad english, i'm still learning! smile