i can send you a script that will tell the port & ip. short ip an long ip
like--> DCC CHAT ~ ~ users nick ~ (Port=5006) ~ DCC CHAT chat 1812015013 5006
it will show in your main channel as a echo it will display on dcc chat or dcc send
P.S you dont need that many ports open an with that low speed send only one thing at a time 10 ports is plenty
And it looks like your isp is blocking mirc i had the same problem
I installed ssl fixed the problem
ssl = secure socket layer
helps hide mirc and the files your sending
if you need futher info or need me to send ssl an +ctt
contact me at--> ferrellhodges@yahoo.com
on our site i am a ircop and have litterly 100's of scripts for mirc i love wrighting scripts