Yep it was, posted the log here

[4:06 am] DCC SEND .to. PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291
[4:06 am] DCC SEND from PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291

By the way someone told me the reason for the low CPS then it dropping is that mirc loses track of the ip address connection or something along that lines, if this is due to port ranges would i be better off opening more ports then i have set?

By the way, i tried sending a file to my friend and again it's sending around 1.89 KB then it stays at 0.00 KB then drops and then says Incomplete in the status window, sadly doesn't say the ports it used as it wasn't a completed send but a send failed.

Still not sure if this is a mirc bug, a problem my end or the problem their end.

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