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dcc sending probs/router links

Posted By: ParaBrat

dcc sending probs/router links - 16/04/03 12:49 AM

Please see this thread

Due to an overzealous clicking finger during cleaning, i moved the "Cant Dcc Send" thread to connection issues. My apologies to those using the search feature for any "thread doesnt exist" probs this will cause... i'll try to track down threads with the link and edit.
Posted By: Fantoom

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 26/10/03 12:07 PM

I also have a router and I also have problems with dcc downloading , but xdcc send does work by me so I don't mind, I don't want to mess with my router's firewall and set some ports open because of virusses and torjans etc so...
If I where you I would keep it on xdcc list from bots it is faster anyway...
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 26/10/03 08:35 PM

This was an informational thread only. We have several threads set to stay at the top of each forum answering the more commonly asked questions.

No disrespect intended, but if you were me, you wouldnt be downloading from strangers to begin with smile This thread pretty much covers my thoughts in general on random filesharing, legal or otherwise.
Posted By: Heffrg

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 20/02/04 06:46 AM

I am using a microsoft base station aka router MN-500 . I can recieve but not send dcc or initiate chat. I can dcc a file to my self though. Now I have firewall off also mcaffee firewall off, Next I have setup persistant and app triggered port forwarding to contain ports 500-5009 as well as 113 . This is also the same way i have dcc setup in mirc. Still cant dcc send or chat HELP! My identd has a tilde next to it which everyone says my 113 port is blocked. How can I fix this. Am i the only one going through this problem?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 20/02/04 01:20 PM

Nope, you are certainly not the only person to be suffering from that problem, in fact, it's one of the most common problems that is encountered!

However, as ParaBrat said, this thread is simply here for informational purposes and the thread it was meant for has been moved to here. Read over that thread before posting as many issues have been covered. Also click on the links ParaBrat provided in her first thread for further information.

As for IdentD problems, you may like to see this thread.

With both of the above it is suggested that you use the Search feature and search for things such as "DCC send" or "Ident" - Expand to 'All Forums' and expand the date range to 'All Posts' for best results. So many people have posted on both issues, it's likely you'll find something!

Happy chatting smile

Posted By: AsHBoY

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 03/08/04 10:24 AM

well i got a problem with my dcc too on windows
but i cant really configure it out what to do...
got the same problem like this guy:


but cant anyone tell me step by step how to fix this...
or give me a PM and u can look into my computer or something...

Posted By: JFLava

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 26/09/04 08:39 AM

.. When i dcc download i can only do one at a time. if i try to dcc connect again it wont connect. on top of that, my downloads range from 20-30 kb/sec and i have a dsl connection.. HELP PLEASE!!!! WHAT DO I DO?
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 26/09/04 09:57 PM

file-->options-->connect--->options, click on advanced and check the box "use random ports", that will make mIRC use non-consecutive ports when creating listening sockets.

dcc speed will only go as fast as the slowest end. many factors effect that, including any limits set at isp, how much each end is doing at the same time.
Posted By: ckramer

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 11/10/04 04:58 PM

To be able to dcc send froward all the required ports both tcp and udp. Enable DMZ for your ip if you are in a router.
Install irc and then sysreset as shown in this link.

They are in Italian but simply follow the pictures.

In addition in the tools-options-dcc-fserve tick everything.

You do not have to configure your sysreset as if you were setting up an fserve just use it to chat as if it was a simple irc.
or just set up a silent trigger so that you do not get banned from non sharing channels.

Choose sysreset-fileserver manager-serverconfig-and on the right there is a tab where you can choose basic or advanced options. Choose advanced and on the left tick firewall walkaround. this should do it.

Maybe I did not explain well but it should be simple.
Posted By: Armada

Various Links to routers - 03/05/05 08:20 AM

For the DI-5xx, DI-6xx, DI-704P (revC), DI-704UP, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, DI-804HV, DI-808HV, and DI-824VUP, DI-704P (rev.B) and DI-707P, DI-704, DI-704P (revA), DI-707, DI-711 (revA), DI-713, and DI-713P:

Linksys Knowledge Base Search for Open Ports

These are the 2 routers Ive used
Posted By: scav

Re: Various Links to routers - 29/05/05 10:48 PM

There's been alot of questions about ports/routers, dcc send/get's all this. I'll put in my two cents, I have extensive experience in this and below is what you *need* to have if you want a solid mirc/dcc machine. Other ways to do things falls inbetween this outline and for those that know how to handle it they do. For the rest of the world out there, if you don't do things this way, you'll be inbetween and lucky when it works and unlucky when it doesn't. If you can't get through this outline, you need to learn more, but once you do, it's easy to setup, take down, rebuild all this.

1. You must be able to set your router and machine up on a private network addressing scheme on the lan side of your router.
2. You must have a static ip on your machine and know how to have one so it works w/the local network you defined at your router.
3. You must turn off DHCP on your router and forward ports to the specific ip of your machine.
4. When you port forward, choose ports on your firewall ABOVE 5000. Give yourself a range of 10 say. -One per connection, open each to tcp/udp.
5. Match these ports specified on the router in mirc for dcc ports.
6. Do not use internet connection sharing if you have a router, you shouldn't have been using this once you got your router, if you do, it will only cause trouble.
7. Once your machine has a defined ip and you've handled the requirements there, the port forwarding on your router will pass both dcc sends and gets.
8. If your router won't let you do something- send or get, but only one, and you can't work it out, get a different router like a linksys.
9. By end once you get things setup this way it will work forever because it makes technical sense, and is the way it's 'supposed' to be setup.

For worries about speed- speed is only based on how fast the host is and one's limit on incoming data speed. Seeing one 'thing' faster than other when properly setup right, has nothing to do with mirc, dcc, or anything else. Even if it's 'looked' like this, in the end it's host speed- network congestion- physical distance from that host, etc.

For 'virus's'. Once you open ports and you do this ABOVE 1024-5000, general port scans won't find you, but any that do, this can happen with any other open port, you can't avoid this, and it's life in open ports. People that stay away from opening any ports are not helping themselves like they think. They might not punch an open hole in the firewall for this fear, but nor are they dcc'ing like they'd like to. Plus, these open ports pointing to mirc, it's only mirc responding to the port calls, so for advanced networking and hacking- somebody must have a reason to hit you, otherwise they're working on getting into a bank instead. Any virus one gets from irc, you could get the same unless you shut down completely dcc, but that's not what this thread is about. To stay away from open ports in trying to protect yourself doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the way things actually work.

DMZ- Do NOT put your machine in a DMZ simply to dcc. DMZ is to open a machine COMPLETELY to the internet connection. If you do, u just told your router to let that one specified machine work WITHOUT the routers firewall. Now you have to run a software firewall on your machine. If you can't get to getting your machine with a static ip, port forwarding and use DMZ instead, you're worse off than you started.

For the rest, this basic list of 'how' to do things is 'how' to do things. Tweaks to individual steps and criticism is already covered and answered in a static ip/router port forwarding scenario. In the end, if 'your' situation 'works' for both sends and gets, then you've accounted for everything presented here, or other. If forever you want to dcc dead-on, this is what you do. If someone can't handle all this, you need to learn more than you do, or get away with things in a haphazard way- whichever. Where others have other config's that 'work,' if done this way, it's the way things are 'supposed' to be. One site out there helps with a bunch of different router port forwarding help- www.portforward.com For networking knowledge, you need to know about private addressing, acceptable subnet settings, specifying dns and what those addresses are at your machine (and or router), and your good to go.

Posted By: r00ted

Re: Various Links to routers - 11/08/05 01:14 PM

On a minor side note, from my experiences, DCC does not use UDP, so when port forwarding, you should only need to port forward your DCC ports on TCP only.

And yes, definately use a firewall, even something as simple at hte Windows XP firewall :P It definately works. Im behind a router, and that's all I use wink
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/10/05 09:13 AM

3. You must turn off DHCP on your router.

Just saw this and thought for anyone who might be reading this for help, i totally disagree with this.
The pc's requiring portforwarding should be set with a static IP, you can in some routers say what number you want DHCP ips to have ie 100-200, so you set the static ones to something else, of if you cant specify a range for DHCP, you just use some high numbers 200+ as DHCP allocates from the lowest first, assuming it started at 2 its gonna need 199 machines attached before running into problems.

Any pc not requiring a static IP can continue to work with the DHCP service of the router, this means you only need alter configurations on the pc's involved in getting portforwarding, rather than having to adjust every pc.
Posted By: rmx245

Re: Various Links to routers - 03/01/06 02:01 AM

well can somebody help me i have a us robotics 8003 router and ive tried nearly everything for dcc sending to work with mirc but nothing works. I dont know if im doing something something wrong or if its something else but can somebody gimme some advice what happens is that usually it goes fast,or it just says connection reset by peer.can anybody help me.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 03/01/06 06:57 AM

Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: Various Links to routers - 03/01/06 04:58 PM

You might also look at http://www.portforward.com/networking/staticip.htm for your particular Operating system (most people tend to try and skip this step).
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 19/03/06 01:20 AM

I was wondering i'm having a problem with DCC sends on a random event, basically sometimes it can take up to 10 tries to get a succesful send.

What i have noticed happening is that the send will go around 1KP and always drop and just stop and the status screen will say Incomplete, then i will keep trying and it won't connect then suddendly after 10 or whatever tries it will send normal.

Has anyone experienced this or know what the cure is?
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 19/03/06 05:44 AM

What port range do u have for dcc's ? maybe you have one of them ports blocked from sending / recivieng in your firewall / router, it keeps trying tell it chooses a different port.
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 19/03/06 12:05 PM

Ports i use are 1034 to 1043 and the ports are open in my router, is there a way of finding out in mirc when sending or receiving files in mirc what port is actually being used, like somesort of addon script i can make/use.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 20/03/06 11:09 AM

alias catch.dcc.send {
  if ($isid) {
    tokenize 32 $1-
    if ($1 $3 $5 $6 == -> PRIVMSG :DCC SEND) { echo -st DCC SEND .to. $3 of $7- }
    if ($1 $3 $5 $6 == <- PRIVMSG :DCC SEND) { echo -st DCC SEND from $3 of $7- }
  else {
    debug -i nul catch.dcc.send

* you well get info on .to. and from dcc's the second to last number with them is the port number, if its TO then its your port, if its FROM then its the port they want u to connect to them on.
* a good test is to dcc send yourself something, and see if the port number stays the same, if it changes its liekly your router altered it.
* numbers folloing the file name are longip port filesize
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 20/03/06 11:31 AM

When i type /catch.dcc.send all i get is this

* Debug output on (nul)
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 20/03/06 10:27 PM

No kidding? really?

Did you do this as well....
* a good test is to dcc send yourself something, and see if the port number stays the same, if it changes its liekly your router altered it.

you have to then have dcc sends/gets occur, thats what it catches.
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/03/06 12:40 AM

I dcced myself few times and got files off people and it seemed to stay around port 1036, but i don't believe my router is having problems.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/03/06 01:46 AM

when u dcc'ed yourself was the port number the same on the ".to." and the "from" ?
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/03/06 04:08 AM

Yep it was, posted the log here

[4:06 am] DCC SEND .to. PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291
[4:06 am] DCC SEND from PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291

By the way someone told me the reason for the low CPS then it dropping is that mirc loses track of the ip address connection or something along that lines, if this is due to port ranges would i be better off opening more ports then i have set?

By the way, i tried sending a file to my friend and again it's sending around 1.89 KB then it stays at 0.00 KB then drops and then says Incomplete in the status window, sadly doesn't say the ports it used as it wasn't a completed send but a send failed.

Still not sure if this is a mirc bug, a problem my end or the problem their end.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/03/06 06:39 AM

[4:06 am] DCC SEND .to. PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291
[4:06 am] DCC SEND from PRIVMSG of versions.txt 1370683332 1035 54291

lol, gotta love how you took the username out, but left something else of far more direct significants in :-) { those that know well know already those that dont Well u just dont need to know }

Anyway, i think your DCC sends are fine from that info above, you dont have any router port changing issues.

You do of course have the issues with slow/dying sends, this problem I dont think is with mirc "loosing track" more like the connection being lost, your end just sits there waiting and waiting, with the speed (an average) decreasing as it waits until its 0.00kbs for a bit then it gives up and says its a fail.

I would suggest you try a dcc chat to this friend and see how long you can mantain that. Maybe in the editbox of the dcc chat run this command to keep something active being said
/timer 0 30 say keep active text at $time

See if this is maintainable. This might not really proove anything, but i think it would be interesting if it does fail at about the same type of time frame.
Its also possable for ISP's to detect the type of connections you have and limit the speed of them, this some "evil" isp's do, and base there right to do so on that "well a dcc send ment you had a server running and thats a breach of your connection agreement" <--- that was tried on me once, i asked them to proove i didnt just dcc send someone a file, which they couldnt do, the problem quickly disapeared.

The other option is to try your end using a different pc and see if dcc send/gets can maintain at high speeds, which would say your OS is dodgy.
Posted By: Kev_Uk

Re: Various Links to routers - 21/03/06 11:33 AM

Not sure what you mean took the username out, that's how it pasted in the status window.
Posted By: Merle1988

Help!!! :( - 01/05/06 08:36 PM

since a few days I have a problem with receiving files from mIRC...
I'm using irc for more than 2 years now and there have never been any problems.
whenever I try to download a file (e.g. zip) there is a note which says:
"the file has been rejected.
If you wish to accept this type of file, you must add it to your list of acceptable files."
BUT, where is that list??? confused I never had problems with IRC and I didn't change anything in the options, so why am I not able to receive my files???
is there anyone out there who can help me? Please? frown
Posted By: Skeletor

Re: Help!!! :( - 01/05/06 09:51 PM

Press Alt + O, then look in the Treeview for something like "DCC" its under "Connect, IRC, Sounds, Mouse, DCC" then look for "Ignore" underneath "Options, Folders, Ignore" ...

There is a drop combo called "Method:" then click the Drop down box, to "Accept only" then you will see a list window with *.bmp for example and so on, look for the button "Add" then you need to add "*.zip" which is in the text box, then click on Add, more that likely its all ready in that list of accept only files.

What I have is, "Method"... "Disabled"... this is WHAT I have, its not a suggestion to what you should use, as you should know, some files are viruses, Blah Blah Blah
Posted By: Clubfxr

Re: Various Links to routers - 17/05/06 01:38 AM

can anybody help me with connecting to mIRC with a linksys router???


Posted By: Skeletor

Re: Various Links to routers - 17/05/06 01:05 PM

You are probably run behind a NAT firewall, in that case you need to either turn it off (Bad Idea) or enable port forwarding for a port range of 6667-7000.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Various Links to routers - 17/05/06 11:48 PM

why would u need to forward the port 6667 to the pc? i mean u connect OUT that port.

Honestly the person was a bit vague tho on what his problem is.
Posted By: Skeletor

Re: Various Links to routers - 18/05/06 10:09 PM

True, but on my Router, I needed to add the mIRC ports, as it would not connect without them.
Posted By: Chade1

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 25/05/07 06:31 AM

When I moved here I immdetatly stopped from being able to send anything out. Could it be that bellsouth is keeping me from sending? Oh and I have a westell 6100 router.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 25/05/07 11:17 AM

You have to configure your router correctly (and possibly your firewall). Use http://www.portforward.com/ for help doing so.
Posted By: KingMe

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 20/05/08 05:17 PM

My DCC problem is not uniform. I am able to send files to some users without problems but others do not see the files waiting and normally they end up failing the connection or timed out.
It seems to be related to how the users have their settings.
I read the many reasons given but I am not sure I identify a problem like mine. Please suggest.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 20/05/08 05:48 PM

If people block DCCs or specific file types, they will not receive what you send. There's nothing you can do about that other than ask them to change their DCC ignore settings.
Posted By: Gewisch

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 22/07/10 10:36 AM

Coding scripts for making DCC eas(ier) is brilliant. However, needless to say that it would be awesome if Khaled Mardam-Bey implemented DLNA/UPnP/NAT-PMP support for the client, since 95% of the users are behind NAT routers nowadays. It's not the nineties anymore, and the caution for security breach is not a real issue anymore. Things have been patched up, world-wide..
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 22/07/10 11:46 AM

UPnP is already available in mIRC 7 beta.
Posted By: NufSaid

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 05/02/11 10:46 AM

go to tools/options/connect/ident make sure 113 is in the port box
and show ident request box is checked
and enable only when connecting box is checked
and remember when you set ports u need to set to the computers ip
get computer ip by typing--> /run cmd a black box will open in that box type --> ipconfig
look for ipv4 use that ip in router
some cases you will have to
use--> /run command instead of--> /run cmd
to close that balck box type--> exit
and if all fails and you are useing a newer mirc like 6.31 or higher
use the passive dcc
in the channel type--> dcc passive on
now you can dcc chat and dcc send
and remember only portforward dcc ports like 5001 - 5010
the other are mirc ports
port u need Set 59,113 and 6060 as public, range 5001-5010 can be set as private if router allows, server Protocol on all is TCP. irc ports 113 = identd 6667 = irc connect 59 and 6060 = listen ports 5001 to 5010 = send ports
so only forward the send ports 5001 - 5010
if you use the --> /dcc passive on command dont mess with the router you wont need to
good luck
Posted By: NufSaid

Re: Various Links to routers - 05/02/11 11:16 AM

i can send you a script that will tell the port & ip. short ip an long ip
like--> DCC CHAT ~ ~ users nick ~ (Port=5006) ~ DCC CHAT chat 1812015013 5006
it will show in your main channel as a echo it will display on dcc chat or dcc send
P.S you dont need that many ports open an with that low speed send only one thing at a time 10 ports is plenty
And it looks like your isp is blocking mirc i had the same problem
I installed ssl fixed the problem
ssl = secure socket layer
helps hide mirc and the files your sending
if you need futher info or need me to send ssl an +ctt
contact me at--> ferrellhodges@yahoo.com
on our site i am a ircop and have litterly 100's of scripts for mirc i love wrighting scripts
Posted By: NufSaid

Re: Various Links to routers - 05/02/11 11:21 AM

use this script
please copy and paste the following command to see your mirc port settings --> //say My DCC ports are $deltok($gettok($readini(mirc.ini,options,n4),13-26,44),2-13,44) (first,last) $iif($readini(mirc.ini,ports,random) == on,/ Randomized) $iif($gettok($readini(mirc.ini,options,n3),37,44),/ Passive dcc) ircport $server $port Wan IP = $ip lan ip = %myipslan static ip = %myipsstatic
Posted By: NufSaid

Re: dcc sending probs/router links - 05/02/11 11:29 AM

this may help
go to tools /options/dcc and check and see if auto get file and minimize is checked and also auto accept and minimize is checked and if file exist resume is selected
and may help with speed if ya type--> /dcc packetsize 8192
then /fsend on
hope that helps
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