go to tools/options/connect/ident make sure 113 is in the port box
and show ident request box is checked
and enable only when connecting box is checked
and remember when you set ports u need to set to the computers ip
get computer ip by typing--> /run cmd a black box will open in that box type --> ipconfig
look for ipv4 use that ip in router
some cases you will have to
use--> /run command instead of--> /run cmd
to close that balck box type--> exit
and if all fails and you are useing a newer mirc like 6.31 or higher
use the passive dcc
in the channel type--> dcc passive on
now you can dcc chat and dcc send
and remember only portforward dcc ports like 5001 - 5010
the other are mirc ports
port u need Set 59,113 and 6060 as public, range 5001-5010 can be set as private if router allows, server Protocol on all is TCP. irc ports 113 = identd 6667 = irc connect 59 and 6060 = listen ports 5001 to 5010 = send ports
so only forward the send ports 5001 - 5010
if you use the --> /dcc passive on command dont mess with the router you wont need to
good luck

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