If mIRC wanted to comply with Windows guidelines, it would store files in five different folders under XP:

Program Files\mIRC (exe, help, readme, versions)
All Users\Application Data\mIRC (shared/default ini files and data)
UserName\Application Data\mIRC (roaming ini files and data)
UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\mIRC (local ini files and data)
UserName\My Documents\mIRC (downloads, channels, logs, sounds, scripts, and so on)

The equivalent folders in Vista are:

Program Files\mIRC
UserName\Documents\mIRC (although Vista has separate folders for sounds, pictures, etc.)

I have designed the new mIRC so that if it sees an mirc.ini in the same folder as mirc.exe, it will use that folder for all data. This makes it 100% portable for users who want it to work the way it always has.

I am still trying to decide how mIRC will work when it comes to the non-portable version. As you say, AppData is a hidden folder under Vista. Presumably, mirc.ini and all other .ini files (which we are assuming users will never need to access) would be stored in the "UserName\AppData\mIRC" folder, while everything else (scripts, logs, sounds, downloads) would be in the "UserName\Documents\mIRC" folder.

Anyone have any comments/recommendations? Does the above sound about right?