Some work arounds:

Work around from starbucks_mafia:

You're right, mIRC isn't written wth modern multi-user OSes in mind. The reason for the issue is that by default it tries to save all settings into it's installation location (ie. c:\Program Files\mIRC) which will cause problems for users with restricted access. To get around the problem you can simply change your mIRC shortcut's "target" field to save all settings into a user-accessible directory by adding a command line switch like so:

"C:\Program Files\mIRC\mirc.exe" -r"C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserNameHere\My Documents\mIRC\"

(You'll have to create the directory first).

Of course this isn't an ideal solution but if you want to get mIRC running until this is fixed then it's the simplest way.
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My Work Around:

I've also found another work around. One can use a secondary log-on service, by creating a user account with power user privileges, then right-click on the shortcut to mIRC. Click on "Advanced." Check "Run with different credentials." Then click "Ok." Click "Ok" a second time to exit the Properties box. Then when you click on the mIRC shortcut, enter the username and password for the secondary account. I find this slightly quicker than right-click, RunAs.

Will test with MS ACT...

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