Yeah, I don't like having to search for all of the pieces of a program. Games throw settings into other folders, applications throw settings into other folders... why can't I just be allowed to keep everything together so I don't have to go on a hunt for it?

Everything is being kept together - in your user folder! That's the exact point of having a user folder, all your settings are kept in one place. When you create backups or move computers you don't copy the entire installation of a program do you - you move the files that have changed since installation (ie. your settings, savegames/projects, etc.) and this is exactly the point of having a user folder. All the stuff you need to find in one place. It absolutely shouldn't be an option for NT-based machines, it should always be saved in the user folder or a subdirectory of it, this is one of the basic rules of Microsoft's guidelines for NT/XP/2k/Vista and up to this point mIRC has been on some pretty uneasy ground in the way it saves settings as demonstrated by MSTCrow's original post. It's not like your logs will be in one place, scripts in another, settings somewhere else again - they will all be in the same place just like always, the only thing not there will be the stuff that you never look at directly anyway - basically just the help files and the exe itself.

And I repeat again: This is nothing specific to Vista. XP, NT, and Win2000 have all had the same requirements all this time, Vista is simply a little more strict in enforcing the rules and a little more vocal if you try and break them.

You have to remember .lnk instead of .exe? So what. Why should a program have to be changed for the lone guy who 1) wants to run multiple installations of mIRC 2) from an admin account 3) from the command-line and 4) doesn't want to remember to use a different extension when typing. It seems you're just being awkward for the sake of it.

FaiNT: I don't get it, why would mIRC saving to it's own folder be useful for re-installs of Vista? Why not just backup your user folder to copy all your programs' settings at once each time?

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