I prefer everything in ONE location ... the same location as the program it's part of. That is the ONE location I mean. Especially when half the programs out there only uninstall from the install folder and the windows folder... not from the user folder(s) and then I have to remember to go look through all of them and find the one(s) that are supposed to be uninstalled. Yes, that's an issue with the programs, but it's annoying and I doubt I'll see them change how they handle uninstalls. Also, unless something has changed, Application Data is a hidden folder that is, by default, hidden from view. That means that any novice user won't even know it is there or how to get to it. And for the ones that install into your My Documents folder, that's annoying because you end up with hundreds of folders where you should only have your documents. It makes finding a folder that YOU made for specific documents a pain if you have many things installed.

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