How about a 'profile' sort of thing. Like what Firefox does...

We have the 'Application Data\mIRC' - Now normal users will have 1 mIRC running, but for development purposes one could launch a new profile...

The profile would be directories
Take the profile "development"

'Application Data\mIRC\Profiles\mirc.development\'

Now in that folder could be the 'mirc.ini' and folders and scripts and settings and whatever for that profile.

Now this technically also saves disk space (I think?) - mIRC is a few megs in size. I personally have a whole bunch floating around my hard drive (somewhere close to maybe 25-30) from different development projects. If we can reduce this to a shortcut to Program Files\mIRC\mIRC.exe -p "development" then we safe ourselves a bit of disk space.

Now mIRC could implement a profile creation dialog, it wouldn't be that hard to achieve.

I think it's a nice work around. And if short cuts aren't your thing. Then mirc.exe -profilemanager should pop up a dialog to select a profile...

Ideally, mIRC should add aliases to manipulate the current profiled folder such as $ProfileDir to return the current profile directory... or $ProfileScriptDir to return the current profile scripts directory

Application Data\mIRC\Profiles\mirc.default\scripts\

Then scripts can actually store different settings for profiles if needed.

Or a $DefaultScriptDir could be use if scripts don't want to be 'profile-dependent' it could return such
Application Data\mIRC\Scripts\

Of course the scripts could still use the $scriptdir and such, but the above would allow for more organized scripting...

Just my 2 cents

- Zach

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