I just made another post about this subject. Whoops, didn't see this thread.

Anywho, Khaled and others, you don't have to force all users to separate their executables from their data files. You just have to provide the option, for those like me, who want to do that. =)

Here's a scenario: the installer prompts the user if this shall be a system-wide installation for all users, or a local installation for one user. System-wide installations will be the default, and support all the Windows standards and recommendations. A "local" installation will be just like the current default behavior, with the data files in the same directory as the executable.

The situation I just described is kind of similar to the solution Winamp found for this same problem. The winamp installer asks the user if she wants to have shared settings for all users (old default behavior) or separate settings for each user (new behavior).

Anyway, glad to see that you're working on it. Just be careful with the creation of shortcuts and such.. A .lnk in the All Users profile can't be deleted by a normal user... But if there isn't a .lnk in there, users created after the installation won't have a shortcut. So you have to add a .lnk in the Default User profile. It's a mess. Have fun.

Hope this helps.

--Dave Loyall
Conway, Arkansas, USA
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