Well tidy sory but it your fall

you used wrong the on open


it can only be on :OPEN:?:*:{

and second this is my test.txt


this is the nick i using tsog

and this is the code
on ^*:open:?:*:{ if (!$read(test.txt,r,/^ $+ $nick $+ $/)) { halt } }

it is the same like ,w,*nick*

when i type with the nick tsog /msg XXX-0758282137692 ela re

it still open a query

I using mIRC 6.15

and now debug you script

add this echo -a $read(test.txt,r,/^ $+ $nick $+ $/))

i using the nick tsog and i get the nick tsoglanos29

you see?

I realy don`t try to make a scripting chalenger with you

I only try to help but there are always some guys the want to prove how good the are smirk why ?

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