Ah yes,

I assumed that "-s scans file beginning with string" meant the following:

Suppose you have a text file with:


I assumed if you did $read(test.txt,s,m) that it would return the line beginning with an "m" which would be mirc. However, mirc scans as stated for a "word" which i should literaly translate to a string followed by a space. In this case, if there is only 1 word on each line, then the $read and -s switch are the way to go.

In the case of having multiple words on 1 line, then -s is useless.


this is a test
this is a
this is

then $read(test.txt,s,this is) is useless to check if the string "this is" is somewhere in the file as a stand alone string, because it will match on the "this is a test" line.

Anyway, the $isinfile alias is redundant in The_Game's case, though it can prove to be handy in other situations.