I've added some more functionality and error checking to the isinfile alias.
alias isinfile {
  if !$isfile($$1) { echo -a Error: File $1 missing. | return }
  if $2 == $null { echo -a Error: Matchtext missing. | return }
  filter -ff " $+ $1" nul $2- 
  return $filtered 

Usage: $isinfile(file,string)


$isinfile(c:\program files\mirc\text files\test.txt,bleh blah)
$isinfile(test.txt,The_*me and F*OPt*)

The file can be put without a path if it is located in your main mIRC folder. It supports spaces in the path, as you can see. Thanks to the /filter you can also use wildcards in your search string. The matchtext can be multiple text now, instead of 1 word.

So "string" for exact matching, and "*string*", "*str?ng*" etc. for wildcard matching.

Hope you find this useful,