I'm very aware of that since you've posted it the first time. I've explained to you how I assumed (wrongfully) that -s works differently in case of single words.

I also tried to explain to you, that in a case where there are multiple words on a line (this example has nothing to do with what The_Game requested) that the -s is useless.

Am I getting through here? Hello?

So once again:

1. Yes, indeed, as you stated, and as I have acknowledged, the read -s switch is the right way to go in the case of The_Game's request , because he just wants to scan a string without spaces (nicknames, indeed). Note how I'm saying that the -s switch is the right way here, and it workx, and I wrongfully assumed in my very first post that it didn't work like that.

2. Now the part that doesn't seem to get through to you:
In a case where we are talking about lines in a text file which consist of multiple words (that's right, multiple words, so not nicknames, so not the example by The_Game, so a completely different situation), THEN -s is useless, as I showed you with an example.

Now, to summarize everything once again (just making sure):

In this case where the text is only nicknames, the -s thing is the RIGHT way. (<-- did you see it? Did you read it? Is it getting through?)
In other cases with multiple words, the -s thing is NOT the right way.

Well, enough of this thread for me, if I still don't get through to you, then there is nothing I can do anymore for you. I should not even have bothered to try to explain, but I couldn't help it. In the future, I'll just let things as is, and try not to worry too much about the fact that I'm being misunderstood.

Edit: After reading this whole thread again: Lol, here's where tsoglanos and me got mixed up, because he is talking about /write -s and I wrongfully thought he was talking about $read with s. And vice versa: I was talking about $read with s switch, while he wrongfully thought I was talking about the /write with s switch. Damn, text based communication can be frustrating at times :tongue: (/me grabs a beer)

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