Hi tsoglanos,

you have not carefully read my script.

1. You are right, i forgot to add it. When you need to use ^ with halt or not isn't really well defined in mIRC. For example in the ON INPUT you don't need it to halt something. Good remark.

2. Right now it only halts the script if a user is not in the script. Because i put if !$isinfile(...

Note the negating !, that means only people who are not in the file will be halted. The halt is within the braces { } that follow the !$isinfile, which means that the halt will only be triggered when the person is not in the file, which is what The_Game wants. He wants only people who are in the file to be able to pm.

3. Your script is BAD, and I'll try to explain to my best why it is. Be sure to do some tests this time before responding, ok?

Ok $read(test.txt,w,$+(*,$nick,*)) will search in the text file looking for *nickname*.

If it doesn't find a match, %m will be $null and that means that person isn't in the text file, and that the pm should be blocked.

So far so good.

Now, suppose in your text file you have:


and a person with the nick "One" wants to message. Then your script will search for *one* and it will trigger on TheOne. So %m will be filled with TheOne, and the script will not block the pm. But as you can see this is not the good result, because we want to check if that nickname "One" is in the text file. One isnt in the text file, so he should be blocked, but in your script he is allowed.

4. Well tsoglanos, it seems that you are not as experienced in scripting yet, so please really from now on, try to test the code first, try to read it, try to learn from it, and then, when your postive that somethign is mistaken, let me know. But right now, you're making a fool out of yourself :tongue:


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