Just to add to Watchdog's point...

According to my dictionary (Chambers), free speech is "the right to express one's opinions freely in public".

There is no rule against free speech on these message boards. You are perfectly free to express any opinion on any (IRC/mIRC related) subject here... PROVIDED that you do so in a manner that is not offensive to others.

It's really a question of good manners. Let me assure you that a general rule in life is that if you are unfailingly polite, you will receive FAR more help from other people.

For example, I am sure that some people with (perhaps) good ideas about solving your problem did not reply, simply because you did not come across as worth helping (no offence meant).

It is important to remember that everyone here is an unpaid volunteer, and that no-one is obliged to help you at all... basically, when asking for help, you are asking for a favour. If people see that your response to their well-intentioned efforts is just foul-mouthed abuse, why should they bother to do you any favours?


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