I agree with your posts as they address a specific matter though there are times when you guys launch into bully mode for little or no particular reason. This is a general observation and not necessarily aimed at you, however while you guys have a delete button and a ban button that fact alone doesn't make you right. That said, do what you feel you need to do to manage this board - I don't have a problem with that. What could be a problem is that you all seem to expect to be given some respect because you have a job to do here (which is fine) but at the same time not always acting as if you deserve it. To prove the point, I received a private message from a moderator the other day over another matter and the message they wrote and also the timing of the message was more juvenile than most of the public posts I have seen here or on any forum, given that the matter they addressed was dealth with adequately by another moderator days beforehand.

Yes, there is a rule here (and probably on most forums) against abuse and foul language but no forum that I have seen has a rule against free speech itself. If there is now a rule here against free speech then let me know so I can log off and not return.