Unless any of you guys have an IQ of ABOVE 140... u can't really talk back to me and expect me to undrestnad you, right ? Do humans undrestand sheeps ?

Correcting: Unless any of you have an IQ above 140, you can't really talk to me and expect me to understand you, correct? Do humans understand sheeps?

Believe me, I had enough intelligence to resist the extreme urge to alter that statement to make the correction show an objection to your supposed quotion of such a high notion.

For someone so intelligent, you certainly don't know how to have brains. You shouldn't refer to everyone as being guys, because some here are likely to be women (I am not one of them, but it is a courtesy to not say something that is gender based). You couldn't correctly use a comma, misspelled "you" as "u", and twice misspelled the word "understand". The more you brag, the more people are going to be tempted to bring up and emphasize this point: IQ is not an end-all to who is the smarter. It is possible for even an idiot to take an IQ test and come out with high markings. For someone so smart, you actually have the audacity to become nasty about it as though everyone else is beneath you. That's a sign that your IQ isn't a true reflection upon yourself, otherwise you'd have the capability to exercise the responsibility for developing a sense of serenity.

Oh, yeah, and you just dug yourself into a deeper grave on this board. Instead of talking down to us "sheep", just remember, there is this thing called karma, and it returns what you put out. To prove a point, if you act this same way towards people off of the computer, then it wouldn't surprise me if people avoid you, cancel on hanging out, talk back to you or otherwise do things as a reaction to your negative demeanor. What's sad is that you probably either don't notice, or you dismiss it as being "one of those things" when in fact people are dropping you hints that they dislike you because of how you are.

There is this woman, named Marilyn vos Savant, who has a rather high IQ. If you haven't heard of her, you can do a search for her on the internet. She writes a column that appears in the Parade magazine. People write to her with puzzles or other problems that require alternative views to be able to solve them. I have yet to see her get nasty to someone for not understanding something she has put out in print.