You started two threads on the same suggestion. Someone suggested another command that might be of help to you - they did that in order to try and help you. You responded in a rude, ignorant manner, and you have shown nothing but rude and ignorant behaviour since then.

And also, you need to be corrected. You might have started a thread, but the thread does not belong to you. The forums have some rules - those rules are there to prevent incidents like this actually being allowed (how annoying would that be?). Whether you start a thread or not, you must obey those rules or, as has happened before, your threads are just goin to get locked by the forum moderators and they may do other moderator thingies like ban you etc if you persist. You would not be the first person to swear and be rude, and you're unlikely to be the last.

I don't think you're a terrorist at all...I think you're unappreciative, ungrateful, arrogant, offensive and rude. But not a terrorist, so I don't know where that comment came from.

You need to learn some self control smile

Happy chattin'.