Ok, here’s my last post in this thread...

1) If your EQ is also high, then that means you are acting stupid deliberately, which is imo worse than just being stupid.

2) Having a high IQ/EQ doesn’t mean you are smart. You have proven this on numerous occasions.

3) I feel (once again) sorry for you because of the feeling that you will have when someone replies to you with an IQ higher than 140. Because then, the arguments that you have used against the so called ‘less intelligent’ people, will apply to you as well. Actually it has probably already happened. (Still following?)

4) It might seem awkward to you, but people’s value and merits are based on more than their intellectual/emotional intelligence. Your tone towards (in your opinion) ‘less intelligent’ people is surely not admirable.

5) I’m usually very cautious when it comes to making predictions (especially if they are about the future wink) though I predict that you are going to run into many more arguments regarding your attitude, for the rest of your life.

6) I’m bored of you now (no wait, we) so I will stop this rant.

Good luck! You will surely need it, if you want to get somewhere in your life.