"as soon someone talks in a special way you don't like, his thread gets LOCKED."

"special way"? well, i guess thats one way to refer to insults, name calling and profanity. I locked the two threads because you seemed intent on turning them into nothing more than rudeness in spite of being asked to calm it down. Your freedom of speech doesnt give you the right to be rude and insult ppl who try to help you. We rarely lock threads, but when we do its generally because the thread has turned into a flame war with someone wanting to get the last word/insult in. At some point it becomes obvious the only way to stop that endless loop is to close the thread. While "angry" may be your "style", asking you to abide by our policy of basic common courtesy and stop with the name calling hardly comes under the heading of tyranny. You stated your feature request twice, they werent deleted, your requests are there for all to see. Sadly, so is your profanity and general rudeness. The only items edited out were the specific names you called other ppl. They too have rights.

Watchdog: Since i have no idea about what or with whom you had an issue, i cant comment on it. Personally i feel everyone who posts here should be treated with respect and common courtesy. I dont think asking ppl to restrict their use of profanity, be reasonably polite, and not call each other names is restricting their freedom of speech. When i see one user call another user things like a f***ing retard just because they dont like whats said, i dont look at my deleting that as being a bully or an indication i must be right cause i'm a moderator, or that i am violating their freedom of speech. Leaving it in a post would only add fuel to a pointless fire and isnt fair to the person the venom is directed at.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet