Yeah ok, in a way they ARE seperate products, but XP is NT 5.1 so in effect its an upgrade of NT, yet both get patch fixes for new exploits. Also while you do have to pay for windows, you should pay for mirc too (although alot choose not to).

I have no problem with 6.0x except the new exploit, otherwise i would have upgraded to v6.12, as a whole i don't like it, ranging from its new layout to the exe checksum, which obviously wont be changed, afterall why would he go to all the trouble of changing the layout and stoping us from removing version replys etc if hes gonna change it all back in the next release?
With respect to him bending over backwards for a small minority, its not actually small, theres tonnes of people not wanting to upgrade hence all the posts here and people still using 5.91 and 6.0x even since 6.1

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