These boards are not one giant petition board, or a place to repetitively whine, it's for people to get help, make suggestions...

I was under the impression, that asking if/for a patch, WAS a suggestion...
Why do you use mirc over bitchx, xchat or some other client? or linux over windows? because you like the features etc of the product you chose. If you don't like something, you don't use it, to get told by other users you are stupid for wanting a fix is stupid in itself.

You used the example of windows. However, there is a major flaw in this arguement. Microsoft still create patches for older versions. Take the blaster virus 'exploit'. Windows 9x/2000/XP users could all patch against it. Why? because some people dont want to use the new xp, they prefer the older versions. Were microsoft to stop support for 9x and 2000, they know they would lose a lot of money and users as well as leaving a large chunk of the internet exploitable. People have, and will always stick with what they like, and if you are a developer, you should listen to your 'market'.

What about those users who have paid their registration fee and have been happy since its release upto 6.0x, when 6.1 came out, lots of people didnt like it, but chose to stick with the old version, now its highly exploitable. These people have paid to get told they can use their old versions, which they are happy with, and get crashed every 5 secs, upgrade to a version they don't want to use, or lose their money and go to a completely different client.
A windows patch would be easy to use as codemaster said in an earlier thread, it would be an .exe - and those who have used mirc for so long and have 6.0x who dont want to upgrade, can't be complete novices that they can't work a patch.

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