In some scripting web actually there is an add-on called Exploit Fix created for the DCC exploits in 6.1x versions, but -i don't applied in the 6.0x versions. It's a nice add-on, but definitely not useful for the users which choose to stick to 6.03. And using 6.1x with the DCC exploit fix, I think many will rather uses 6.12. I understood that 6.1 purpose is to replace 6.03 and 6.11 to replace 6.1 is replaced with 6.12. Yet the problem is, many voices still prefered 6.03 version. And of course the hard work of Khaled and team members in the 6.1x should be appreciated and not to be neglected, But an IRC client writer should not just work according to his/her own will, but also to spare a thought and try to satisfy the needs of some users. This need for a DCC exploit fix for 6.0x is not an unreasonable request, I'm sure many will greatly appreciate even more. Being a minor script writer myself, I feel that what is most satisfying to a work producer, is not his/her own satisfation of his/her own work, but the aknowlegdement and appreciation of the users when he/her reached the expectations/needs of the users. Khaled, I'm sure when you 1st created mIRC is not just for yourself, but also for the use of people, so of course you have to think for them. Maybe you are already working on it, but just that we do not know. Hopefully there will be a fix for 6.0x as I logged into your web everyday to keep a lookout. Hmm, don't disappoint your users or one day some other IRC clients might suppass you. Keep up the good work and keep improving cause there are alway rooms for improvement, that's how you get better. Currently mIRC is still my favourite IRC client.

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