I knew that he made the fix which is the 6.12 for the 6.0x and 6.1x users, but my post is for those who still prefered to stick to 6.03 instead of changing to 6.12 if you read carefully. Without the fix, is as good as forcing those who refuse to use 6.12 to use/choose to get crashed over & over again like what is happening for the past few days in the whole net that I frequent. We have an option which is to use 6.12, some might think that it serve us right, but if you don't prefer 6.03 still, you will never understand how we felt. Having another option to make a fix for all 6.0x users who do not want to use 6.12 wouldn't kills right Khaled? Instead you will gain more appreciation from more users. Isn't that the way?

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